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We undertake on-street, in-store, exit and in-home interviews across both business and consumer sectors; from rail travel, to national trust, food & drink, gaming, and retail.  We cover all areas of the UK and Ireland.


Our team of interviewers and supervisors can conduct surveys either by ‘traditional clipboard’ or are equipped with tablets using Snap survey software.  We will discuss your needs and choose whichever method suits your particular survey.   


Telephone interviews are conducted in-house by executive telephone interviewers or for larger samples we would work in partnership with our preferred supplier.  Again, Snap survey software is used.


Postal surveys have declined in recent years.  However, we believe this is still a potentially useful tool to reach more vulnerable groups who perhaps have less engagement with technology e.g. the elderly and those who do not have access to the internet, either at home or the workplace. However, it has become the ‘norm’ to combine postal and online surveys to enable a full capture of target audiences.  We offer full design, print and postal service.  


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